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We engineer sustainable relief for those who have been through a disaster.


Community Relief

ACSE is family operated to help people who have been damaged during coastal disasters. We assist communities that are still damaged after all the insurance and government resources have come and gone, with no further ability to effectively assist themselves. We work primarily with communities that have already been considered economically distressed. It doesn't really matter whether they were placed in distress by the natural disaster or not. Our short-term and long-term goals will ensure ongoing relief to the community that has sustained damage, and our assistance will be designed to sustainably benefit the citizens and visitors of the area into the future.

Applied Coastal


Our long-term goal is to create technology that can increase the beach height with increasing sea level, thereby, providing longer-term protections for coastal communities. Let’s see what we can do together.

Help those who have been through a disaster

Help those who have been through a disaster

Our goal will be to provide an innovative sustainable solution for your unique community and your unique situation. We will Repair, Restore, Rebuild public structures that are necessary to protect the community from further storm damage, such as from waves and storm surges.

Our primary purpose is to assist in the recovery of  “natural disaster-induced economically-distressed” communities within any coastal zone of the United States that lie within the Atlantic Ocean, Caribbean Sea, Gulf of Mexico, Pacific Ocean, or Bering Sea. We also assist Indian Nations and economically distressed communities within the State of Arizona – our State of incorporation.

Our team of scientists and engineers always study the current conditions to give us a baseline (starting point). Then, we consider the current state of technology needed to solve the problem. We use the most sustainable and up-to-date technology available. If it is not available, we will create what is needed. We are currently developing technologies to treat, store and re-use water during a disaster. There are many promising ideas in the "invention pipeline" worldwide using solar and wind as energy sources to aid in community, or even personal, recovery. Let's work together to help our neighbors in need, shall we?

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