are the life-blood of our organization. Without volunteers, we cannot afford to help those truly in need. Volunteers help us keep our costs down, so more is spent on our relief efforts. If you have a professional degree of any kind, or just an interest in helping others, please consider volunteering for either of our teams: Assessment; Mitigation. All interested persons are encouraged to volunteer. Beside scientists and engineers,we also have a need for administrative and construction assistance. Please read below, and consider volunteering.

We are a new non-profit organization of volunteer scientists, engineers, and other professionals.

A pplied Coastal Sciences and Engineering (ACSE) achieved our tax-exempt status on August 30, 2018. We have the unique ability to assist those that have been severely damaged from a coastal disaster. We are a donation-driven organization and, as such, we do not need funds from our clients for this assistance. In addition, when we help, we get to study things to innovate new solutions.

Our assessment teams are expected to be on location for 3-7 days. We will speak with the community leaders, and hear their concerns and priorities. We will gather a general baseline of the current conditions. We will immediately bring in a mitigation team should the community leaders deem it is necessary to do so. Our mitigation team will need to be on location until the mitigation is complete. Projects could be days, weeks, or months to complete. The longer periods may be shared by volunteers to reduce the individual burden. 

Right now, we are seeking people who have experience, or desire to gain experience, and want to help people. Soon, we hope to have some re-training programs to help with unemployment challenges, through local/regional colleges. We also will be looking for opportunities for our volunteers to gain a certification in a trade by partnering with different entities - such as technical institutes or unions.

Our long-term goal is to innovate and create technology that can increase the beach height (and preserve health) with increasing sea level, thereby, providing longer-term protections for coastal communities. An example hypothesis might be, "Through the rigors of science and engineering, we can use the properties of waves to improve beach face and foreshore width." We also intend to leave the community in better economic condition. Some communities may desire an economic-recovery plan. We can help them with the process, or the entire plan, whichever is necessary.  We will, eventually, leave a station at each location for future researchers to use to better understand how to protect our coasts, now and into the future.

In addition to the coastal experts, we will need experts in the arid to semi-arid environs of Arizona. Any water-induced natural disaster in Arizona, adversely affecting economically distressed communities, is eligible for our assistance. Our professional needs will be different in Arizona, certainly. Should you wish to assist only in Arizona, please let us know when you inquire about volunteering. Please fill out the form on our CONTACT PAGE. Write VOLUNTEER in the message box. Then, please add AZ for arizona work only. Thank you!

Finally, volunteering for a public charity is a good way to build your resume and gain experience in your field. You will also broaden your knowledge by working with those from other fields. Many employers allow their employees to volunteer for certain times/periods. Check with your employer for information on volunteering.  

YOU, as a volunteer, have the opportunity to use your expertise to assist those that are most in need of immediate remedies; remedies that YOU can create and provide. We think that sounds pretty exciting!

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