Our teams

are comprised of coastal geologists, marine biologists, civil engineers, and any specialty science or engineering expertise needed for YOUR project. We are proud of our volunteers, and believe in the mission. Every scientist, every engineer, every expert is a volunteer. And our volunteers can match their expertise with any in their field.

We will always begin locally.

We may also have a need to hire construction workers, on occasion. We will always begin locally. That is the purpose, after all. Help the distressed community. General Contractors may be more frequently needed, with heavy equipment and operators, also, sought locally.

We are a new non-profit organization of volunteer scientists and engineers, and we are interested in helping you. Applied Coastal Sciences and Engineering (ACSE) achieved our tax-exempt status on August 30, 2018. We have the unique ability to assist those that have been severely damaged from a coastal disaster. We are a donation-driven organization and, as such, we do not need funds from our clients for this assistance. In addition, when we help you, we get to study things to innovate new solutions. ACSE pays for all the equipment, travel, outer-clothing, and daily needs of the assessment teams.

Please help us help those in distress from severe natural disasters. DONATE TODAY.

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